Welcome to the Sporthorse Campus,
young professional talent.

Radio Agents

Cover Shows and Events for Sporthorse Radio.
Be the Queen or King of Merch.

Campus Ambassadors

Join the Team that runs the Sporthorse Campus.
Must be local to qualify.

Equine Science Internship

Join an Elite group of dedicated students seeking knowledge.
12 week program.  Join anytime.  Pause at anytime.

If I wasn’t an AI creation fabricated in the Sporthorse Radio Studios I’d definitely join this creative team of equestrianodos.

Jessica Bonvoi

AI Creation


We are attracting talent, watering it with inspiration and producing returns for our Patrons.  Get involved.

The Team over at Sporthorse Radio is full of creative energy.  I can’t thank them enough for making me up and giving me such a beautful role promoting their company.

Viggo Brago



Want a place that inspires?  Need some hay after hours?  What about a pat on the back for a long year of working horses?

I’m into deep powder, cliff drops and Sporthorse Radio.  Send money Mom … I’m couch surfing my way to Crested Butte now.

Rock on Bruh


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